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Aptamil 4 Growing Up Milk Powder 800g


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With our continuous research in infant and toddler nutrition, our passionate team of over 250 paediatricians, nutritionists and scientists, continue to take inspiration from the benefits of nature to develop our unique formulas, tailored to support your toddler's nutritional requirements at every stage of development. Our unique blend of ingredients includes Vitamin D, an important nutrient for toddlers as it supports normal bone development.


  • Vitamins A & C plus Vitamin D*, an important nutrient to support toddlers' normal bone developmen
  • Pronutra†™ our unique blend of ingredients
  • Tailored to toddler's nutritional needs
  • Enriched with Iron to support normal development
  • Long Chain Polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA/EPA (Omega 3)
  • Our patented blend of Galacto- and Fructo-oligosaccharides
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